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Be a hero of the night. Defend your Drink.

We are on a mission to empower party-goers and venues to unite against the common enemy of drink spiking in nightlife.

We are stronger together.

Join us on our journey to our first milestone to defend 1 million drinks.

Keeping the Good times Good.

Drink spiking is unacceptable, and we need to do what we can to help stamp it out.

This starts with the venues.

At Cup Cuva we know that the venues aren’t the bad guys, which is why we work closely with venues, and give them the tools they need to protect their patrons, and make a safer environment for everyone.

Venues are very often small businesses and community hubs, which is why we should be supporting them, just like any other industry.

When you request a Cup Cuva, you are not only protecting your drink, but you are joining a movement that is taking a proactive and supportive view to empower venues, patrons and businesses so we can all fight against a common enemy.

Stronger Together.

Cup Cuva for You

Our cup toppers are made of hygeinic polypropolene, which is widely recycled. Our toppers can be easily identified and applied for ease of use.

As well as this, every Cup Cuva grants you an entry to our monthly Cup Cuva Competition. This allows you to enter to win a prize from any of our approved Cup Cuva venues in your city. This helps to support your local venues, and give you peace of mind that you’re enjoying a venue that cares about your wellbeing.

Cup Cuva for Venues

All of our partner venues enjoy a whole host of marketing tools that are reserved exclusively for Cup Cuva partners.

This allows you to connect with your local audience through a new channel and show up where your competitors may not.

Consumer research has shown that most party-goers don’t believe venues are doing enough to help combat drink spiking – be part of the positive change your city needs.

Become a Cup Cuva Partner.

Show the world you care, and create a safe and welcoming space for your customers.

All of our packages include use of Cup Cuva Partner status to use on your social media and in-venue print media.

We operate not-for-profit and only take what we need to keep this program running.

Behind the Cuva

Jack Purdie has worked in hospitality as a marketing manager, as well as a venue owner. Jack saw an opportunity to pool these skills and help make a positive difference to the industry he loves.

We are now on a mission to defend 1 million drinks.